Biocitizen NY is pleased to welcome Samantha as a Field Environmental Philosophy teacher! She’ll be co-leading Our Place Summerschool with Yubitza Bermudez!

Sam grew up hiking, snowboarding, and biking through the mountains in her home state of Colorado. Along the way, she grew to appreciate natural spaces and developed a desire to protect them.

Sam graduated cum laude from Colorado College in 2020 with a major in Film and Media Studies and a minor in Journalism. Next, she worked with Public Herald and NPR on stories which raised awareness about environmental issues including radioactive waste and Colorado’s largest wildfire.

Last summer, Sam worked at a camp in Boulder teaching various adventure sports to elementary school students. She enjoyed inspiring kids to put the screens away, gain confidence, explore their curiosity, and connect with nature. Sam is now pursuing a path as a lifelong environmental educator. She has been working as a Snowboard Instructor for kids aged 3-14 since November.

Sam is beyond excited for the next chapter of her outdoor education journey at Biocitizen NYC. She can’t wait to guide your kids on unforgettable adventures which she knows firsthand can instill invaluable skills and inspire the same respect for the environment she developed walking through the Colorado mountains as a kid.



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