Biocitizen is so pleased to welcome Tamar Cox Rubien as an assistant Our Place Summerschool teacher!

Tamar is a seeker of wisdom, cultural and ecological, and is looking forward to exploring New York City with students with our special focus on how it is placed in the Hudson River estuary biome!

Personal Statement

My name is Tamar, I am originally from San Francisco but grew up living overseas in Beijing, Mumbai, Moscow and now New York. Through living in these major cities I have come to understand the gems that rest beneath the constant hustle and bustle of cars and people—the secret histories lying in plain sight, the creative evolution of plant and animal-life in human-built environments. Although I spent most of my life in cities, my favorite way to spend my time is in nature, whether it be camping, hiking, swimming, gardening etc.

I am a rising senior and Philosophy major at Wesleyan University. The focus of my studies is on bridging Western Materialist schools of thought with Indigenous Animism. I am most curious about investigating aspects of consciousness, cognition and kinship in animals and plant-life. I have a vested interest in viewing our place in this world as part of a vast network of relationships involving humans, the Earth and non-human beings. I enjoy looking at this through both a scientific—biology and environmental science—and anthropological lens.

I am also interested in education and working with children. I worked as a summer camp counselor in upstate New York organizing recreational and educational activities for kids of all ages. I also took on the role of teacher’s assistant and dialogue facilitator for a philosophy class focused on applying Ancient Greco-Roman and Chinese philosopher’s views of the good life to one’s own life. I ran weekly sessions with my own group of students, where in the spirit of Aristotle and other Greek philosophers, I helped students understand what it is they truly believe and why— helping them develop the crucial skill of raising and responding to questions.

I am so excited to explore the city with students this summer and expose the gems that lie beneath New York!

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