Free Family Ecology Walks

Celebrate City Life with a Free Family Ecology Walk in Prospect Park

Celebrate Spring Break and Earth Day with Biocitizen!

Come walk Prospect Park with Biocitizen 10am-12pm pm on Sunday May 15 and Sunday May 22!

We’ll meet at the Garfield Tot Lot. Look for our yellow hats! 

Biocitizen founder/director Kurt Heidinger and lead teacher Yubitza Bermudez will give you a preview of what Our Place Summerschool is offering students age 8-12 this summer!

Register for Sunday May 15

Register for Sunday May 22

> Family ecology walks are geared toward the whole family, and are a mix of educational exploration, field observation, and a whole lot of fun! You will gain a deeper appreciation for Prospect Park, a shift in environmental awareness, and some awesome new skills including ecosemiotics. 

Ecosemiotics you ask?

Places are stories we live in—think of Chinatown compared to other neighborhoods. To read them, we must use all our senses; we aren’t reading a book; we’re reading the world! Places are filled with information, and all sorts of languages comprised of signs that are natural and symbols made by humans. Ecosemiotics is the activity of reading these signs and symbols as a narrative of the story we live in, and it is an inherent ability that must be exercised and nurtured. Children love practicing it—

Our free 2 hour walk will bring you and your family back to your senses! We’ll watch, listen, smell, touch and feel what we’re walking through and take quality time to share and discuss the signs and symbols we perceive.

If you would like to learn more, please call 413.320.0522 and speak with Free Rangers director Kurt Heidinger, or send a note