Blaze is an 11-year-old from Gowanus, Brooklyn and will be a counselor in training with Biocitizen NY this summer! She started as a Sharpshin with Biocitizen MA and has grown into a leader. Read her personal statement here and check out Our Place Summer School > Brooklyn < for more on our NY summer program!

Personal Statement

My work with Biocitizen began three summers ago as a Sharpshin with the Massachusetts school. There I explored the terrain of Massachusetts with other students and staff. Together, we wandered the rivers and forests to discover and learn about different plants and animals. The students and I overcame our fears and did things we would never have done on our own. I remember we jumped rocks and hiked through a forest to a river, then we all jumped off of tall cliffs into the river. I would definitely have never done this on my own. At a time when it feels impossible to escape technology, like iPads and TV, Biocitizen became the perfect break from it.

This summer, I’m becoming a Biocitizen Counselor-In-Training (CIT) with the new school in New York.  I am super excited to explore the immense area of New York City (my home!) because I know that I have only seen the surface, and I am excited to see what’s underneath (I even heard there are underground rivers). Despite living in Gowanus, Brooklyn for 12 years, I still feel as though I haven’t experienced many of the lesser known natural places. With school, I have been to some of our great nature areas, like The Ridgewood Reservoir, Jamaica Bay, but, since they were field trips, my time at these sites was too short.

I believe Biocitizen will help me discover New York City in a new way by showing me the biomes, geology, and the important movements and historical moments that make New York City the place it is. I am excited to explore the secret spots and nooks that nobody goes into yet are ready to be explored. I am so excited to explore New York City and learn more about its history, geology, and other details that I have never noticed or been taught before.
– Blaze McClurkan

Source: Biocitizen, Inc. – New York, NY

About the author

Ursa is the Assistant Director of Biocitizen NY. She is also currently studying Political Science and Human Rights at Columbia University.